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    Singh A.

    Monday, September 22, 2014 3:52 PM

    I wanted to put in my strongest recommendation for Snehal and his team at AutoTechies. Snehal was incredibly patient and helpful with me and I can see that all his customers are really happy to keep coming back. In my case, Autotechies was able to fix all the issues with my car with the highest standard of quality and attention to detail. At the same time, they charged me a fraction of what I would pay for a similar quality of work anywhere else. Snehal invested a lot of his personal time tracking down cheaper parts to go in my car to save me hundreds of dollars without charging me anything. I was so satisfied with the quality of service that I continued to go back to the shop even though I live 40 minutes away. Snehal was always honest with me about what was important to get done and what wasn\’t as urgent when I was trying to save money. My car was giving me a lot of trouble every other week before I went to Autotechies but I\’ve now driven it over 2000 miles any issues and have come to rely on my car like I never did before.

    Above all else, I will always remember all the time Snehal invested in explaining to me the issues with my car in great detail. He even came in on a Saturday just to give me a crash course in how to maintain my car effectively, since it is my first car. Even though people usually only get to see their mechanic when things aren\’t going well, I\’m actually looking forward to seeing Snehal again, because he always made me feel like his son.

    Once again, I wanted to put in my strongest praise for Snehal, Sharon and all the guys at the shop for taking such great care of me and my car.

        For years I took my car for service or issues to AutoTechies. ¬†They are dependable and trustworthy to do business with.

      thumb Aalia B.

        Snhal and his team have been so amazing to me that I've been going there for 12 years despite distance. I live in SF. I have a BMW 5 series 2007 model and they've been taking care of my car. The prices are reasonable, they are transparent and give excellent customer service! Once you find a good mechanic, never let that go! Snhal and his team are good at explaining things in a way I can understand and they prioritize based on needs. Sometimes they pick me up from Bart station when I leave my car for overnight fixing! I highly recommend their services!

      thumb Tsedey S.